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Now MOST is seriously ready to Establishment of PTC (Pakistan Technology Council)

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on April 6, 2011 at 12:55 PM Comments comments (20)

Now First time MOST agreed for the establishment of "PTC - Pakistan Technology Council". The grand meeting of "PBAC - Pakistan B.Tech Action Committe" with the Chairman and Directors of MOST (Ministery of Science and Technology), TEVTA and NAVTEC was held in last days. After the successful discussion of all the MOST seriously ready to establishment of PTC. He said that he putup a Bill of PTC in Senate according to the requirments of Engineering Technologists very soon. I hope that now our dreams come true and we are very close to our target of success if PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) dont interfare again.  

B.Tech Engg Appreciated the Combined struggle of PSBTE & PCT "News report of TECHNOLOGY TIMES in favor of B.Techs"

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on February 16, 2011 at 9:38 AM Comments comments (9)

PEC puts future of over 50,000 B.Techs future at stake:


The future of about 50,000 Bachelors of Technologists in Pakistan is at stake as the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to treat them as equivalent to the B.E./BSc engineers, by brazenly flouting the Supreme Court B.Techs and B.E/B.Sc engineers complete their studies in equal four years.


The PEC prepares syllabus, conducts exams and issues degrees to B.Techs, but it does not recognize them equivalent to the B.E/B.Sc Engineers, which is extremely injustice to the B.Techs.

Taking a suo moto notice of the issue, the SC in its October 1995 had instructed the PEC to treat the B.Techs equivalent to the B.E./B.Sc engineers on all fronts and give them equal rights in terms of getting employments.


According to documents available with the newspaper, the Higher Education Commission and FPSC also recognize the B.Techs at par with the B.E/B.Sc engineers. The PEC had accepted the court decision, however, after few years it started ignoring the court instructions and resorted to its old stance.


The PEC has a mala fide intension in treating the B.Techs, which has put the future of over 50,000 B.Techs at stake as they are experiencing discrimination in getting employments, Chairman Pakistan Council of Technologists (PCT) Sheikh Javed told this scribe.

He said that B.Tech programme was formally launched in 1973 and the then Ministry of Education was directed to give status of B.Tech (Hons) degree at par with B.Sc Engineering/B.E degree, according to the letter No. 15-29/73-Tech.


The B.Tech holders study the same courses like engineers and are equally competent but they have to struggle and file cases individually to recognize their degree status, It is to be mentioned here that the National Assembly in 2008 had passed an amended bill on the issue, however, the word B.Tech was intentionally omitted from it and sent it to Senate. The Upper House pointed out the omission of "B.Tech" word in the bill and sent it back to the National Assembly. However, the assembly over-ruled this objection and again passed it with the same status and now the bill is pending before the Senate seeking passage.


Experts say that in Pakistan B.Techs are considered more important in handling technical issues as they have two-year practical experience of internship before starting their jobs while B.E/B.Sc engineers have skills emphasized of design which has very little scope here.


They said that issue is of vital importance as it involves the future of over 50,000 B.Techs in the country and suggested that the government should constitute a separate council that would make a policy about their future status and handle other related issues.


The government has now allowed the private sector colleges to conduct this course for B.Techs, and about 10,000 B.Techs are being produced every year in Pakistan.


This is complete injustice with the B.Techs on the part of PEC as all UETs of the country not only kept the standard of these courses up to that of B.E/B.Sc Engineering but also announced this degree equivalent to B.E/B.Sc Engineering, revealed "WASEEM RAJA", Chairman "Pakistan Society of B-Tech Engineers (PSBTE)" while quoting a letter (No 3688 dated 15-10-1980) issued in order to define the status of B.Techs.


The experts said that the government needs to intervene and take some remedial steps in order to save the fature of the B.Techs who are currently facing discriminatino at the hands of a clique running the PEC.


For more details follow the link below:


PEC puts future of over 50,000 B.Techs future at stake - TTECHNOLOGY TIMES


One More Step to Establishment of PTC "Dawn NEWS Report"

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on February 8, 2011 at 8:16 AM Comments comments (7)

More than 50,000 B.Tech graduates’ future at stake:


“The government for the several times reiterated its commitment to work for the promotion of technical education but PEC has prohibited the education ministry for establishing Pakistan Technology Council,,” Said Sheikh Javed , head of Pakistan Council of Technologies



ISLAMABAD: More than 50,000 B.Tech graduates in the country are deprived of access to higher studies, job opportunity in public departments and promotions due to undefined status of their degree.

While their longstanding demand of establishing Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) which can register technology graduates, safeguard their benefits and control technology institutions is still unheard.


Talking to APP, Chairman Pakistan Council of Technologists, Sheikh Javed said that a draft bill for the establishment of Pakistan Technology Council (PTC) was dispatched to the Prime Minister in February 2010 which was forwarded to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) on March 3, 2010 for furnishing their comments but is still pending.


Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to control, register and promote the technologists and in its act passed on December 29 from the parliament excluded the terms ‘technicians or technologists’ which meant that the council is not ready to accept their status.


The government for the several times reiterated its commitment to work for the promotion of technical education but PEC has prohibited the education ministry for establishing Pakistan Technology Council, Javed said.


Over 10,000 B.Tech graduates complete their degrees from different institutes annually and start their struggle in the market for jobs.

“I have completed B.Tech programme but there is no scope of this programme in Pakistan so I have decided to go abroad and seek job,” said Atif Malal.


B.Tech programme was formally launched in 1973 and the then Ministry of Education directed to give status of B.Tech (Hons) degree at par with B.Sc Engineering/B.E degree, according to the letter No. 15-29/73-Tech.

According to the letter no PEC/4-P/QEC, PEC stated that B.Tech degree will be considered equivalent to B.Sc/BE and the same decision was taken in 9th inter-provincial ministers conference at Quetta in 1986, 39th HEC meeting on 12-2-98, FPSC in its letter no F4-89/2002-R but now PEC is not ready to accept their status.


The B.Tech holders study the same courses like engineers and are equally competent but they have to struggle and file cases individually to recognize their degree status, Sheikh Javed said.


Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has refused to register technologists while different public departments are denying to recognize their degree, not giving them jobs. While those who have been appointed already cannot promoted upto Grade 16, he said.


Sheikh Javed said Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is also not appointing the B.Tech degree holders directly.


Most of the B.Tech graduates, after completion of their qualification, move to other countries in search of better job opportunities, he said.


The Engineering technologists holding B.Tech qualification have filed several cases in courts and got 17 decisions in their favour,declaring their degree equivalent to B.Sc/BE but no decision could not be implemented so far.


The full bench of Supreme Court in Suo Motu Review Petition No. 52 of 1993 given its verdict on June 05, 1995 in favour of B.Tech (Hons) (PLD 1995 SC 701), thrashing out the role of PEC.


But, PEC in 2004-05 managed the amendments by adding new clauses and definition of professional engineering work and section 5A of Section 27 only to null and void the decision of full bench of Supreme Court thus to interfere in the service matters and blocking promotion channels of employees possessing B.Tech (Hons) degrees.


Saleem Akhtar, Associate Engineer NESPAK told APP that B.Tech holders are facing severe difficulties due to unclear status of their qualification.

Although Higher Education Commission (HEC) issues equivalence certificate to the graduates but the public departments refuse to employ them, he said.


HEC through a letter accepted the status of B.Tech (Hons) equivalent to B.Sc /BE but PEC is not ready to agree.


“Pakistan Technology Council, if established, will help register technology graduates, control technology institution and eliminate discrimination in access to higher education, job opportunities and scale promotions,” Saleem said.


Dawn NEWS Report on "February 1, 2011"


CH Naseer Bhutta (MNA) Raise the Voice of B.Tech Engg in "NATIONAL ASSEMBLY SESSION" Dated 26 Jan, 2011.

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on February 1, 2011 at 6:42 AM Comments comments (21)

First of all extreamly thx to CH. Naseer Bhutta (MNA), all B.Tech Association of pakistan and B.Tech Gaduates for promoting our cause in National Assambly Session. Now ths is a time of Unite and Struggle with zeal n zest.


The MNA "CH. Naseer Bhutta" has taken up the PTC (Pakistan Technology Council) Case in favour of B.Tech Engineers.He is dicussing in NA very Loudly that HEC must accept the B.Tech equal to BE/BSc Engg and M.Tech to MS Engg and also provide a seperate plateform (PTC)  to all B.Tech and M.Tech Engineers.


Further PSBTE will arrange a meetings with MNAs (Malik Shakeel Awan & Raja Haneef Abbassi) very soon to highlight the problems of registeration of B.Tech Engineers and esstablishment of PTC.


I personaly request to all members of PSBTE and all B.Tech Graduates to meet yr MNAs to brief them with reference to MNA Ch Naseer Bhutta because our efforts and struggle are very important for the establishment of PTC (Pakistan Technology Council).


The Debate of Ch. Naseer Bhutta about registeration of B.Tech dated 26 JAN, 2011 is as under:


CH Naseer Ahmed Bhutta Says:

اس پوائنٹ آف آرڈر کے زریعے میں چاہوں گا بی ٹیک اور بی ٹیک آنرز کے جو سند یافتہ لوگ ہیں ان کے مسائل کی طرف تھوڑی سی توجہ مبزول کروانا چاہوں گا حکومت کی جس میں یہ ہے کہ باکستان کے اندر تقریبن اُنیس کالجز اور یونیورسیٹیز میں بی ٹیک اور بی ٹیک آنرز کی تعلیمات دی جا رہی ہیں- لیکن افسوسناک بات یہ ہے کہ ان کی منظوری اور ما نٹرنگ کا کوئی ادارہ نہیں اور دوسری بات یہ ہے کہ پی۔ ای۔ سی جو ہے وہ بی ٹیک آنرز کے خلاف اقدامات لے رھی ہے حالانکہ ١٩٧٣ میں جو قا نون بنا تھا اس کے اندر بی ٹیک آنرز کو بی۔ ایس۔ سی انجنیرنگ کے برابر مانا گیا تھا- لیکن پی۔ ای۔ سی نے ایچ۔ ای۔ سی سے یہ فیصلہ تبدیل کروایا اور آج پی۔ ای۔ سی نے تمام پبلک اداروں کو بی ٹیک آنرز بی۔ پی۔ ایس۔ ١٧ میں بھرتی کرنے سے اور پروموٹ کرتے سے روکا ہے اور پی۔ ای۔ سی نے تمام یونیورسیٹیز کوبی ٹیک آنرز کو داخلہ دینے سے منع کیا ہے اور ایم ٹیک ڈگری کو ایم۔ ایس۔ سی انجینئرنگ کے برابر تسلم کرنے سے بھی منع کیا ہے - تو میں یہ کہوں گا کہ آج کے اس پوائنٹ آف آرڈر سے کہ ایچ۔ ای۔ سی بی ٹیک آنرز کو سولہ سالہ تعلیم مانے اور پی۔ ای۔ سی ، ایچ۔ ای۔ سی والے بی ٹیک آنرز کو بی۔ ایس۔ سی انجنیرز کے ماتحت نہ کریں بلکہ ان کو بی ٹیک آنرز ، بی۔ ایس۔ سی انجنیرز اور ای ٹیک کو ١٩٧٣ والے قانون کے تحت بحا ل کیا جائے اور ان کے لیئے منسٹری آف سائنس اور ٹیکنالوجی کے تحت الگ اور خودمختار پاکستان ٹیکنالوجی کونسل بنائی جا جہاں پر ان کے معملات کو دیکھا جائے-



PDF Link of  Debate of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY Dated 26 Jan, 2011


Awaiting yr good response,





Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on January 31, 2011 at 6:58 AM Comments comments (9)






Item No.4/39: Equivalence of B. Tech. (Hons) degree with B.Sc Engineering degree:


The Committee resolved to amend its earlier decision the equivalence of B.Tech. (Hons) degree with B.Sc Engg. degree as under:

The degree of B.Tech (Hons) is not similar to B.E/B.Sc Engineering degree. Both the degrees of B.E/B.Sc Engineering and B.Tech (Hons) be considered as two distinct disciplines of knowledge in the field of

Engineering and Technology and should run parallel to each other. However, B.Tech (Hons) may be treated at par and compatible with B.E/B.Sc. Engineering degree holders as far as grades, pay and promotions and other benefits are concerned. The Committee further noted that it was up to the employer to determine the type of qualification required for a particular job





Item No.4/33 Equivalence of B.Tech. (Pass Degree for purpose of admission to M.A. Classes:


It was resolved that no blanket recognition can be given to holders of B.Tech. Pass degree with graduation degree for purpose of admission in Master degree. It was further observed that since the matter pertains to

admission in Master Classes the committee members would have no objection if any university allows admission in Master classes to holder for B.Tech. Pass degree..




Item No.15/11 Equivalence of B.Tech (Hons) degree with B.Sc (Engg) degree:


Resolved that the degree of B.Tech (Hons) be not considered as equivalent to B.E degree and B.Tech (Hons) degree must be considered as two distinct disciplines of knowledge in the field of Engineering and Technology and both streams should run parallel to each other. However, B. Tech (Hons) degree holders may be treated at par with B.E/B.Sc Engg. degree holders as far as grades of pay etc. are concerned but these two degree would not be considered the same at any stage. Further resolved to refer the matter to Pakistan Engineering Council for early decision.





Item No.3/27 Equivalence of Diploma in Electronics and Micro Computer from National Technical School, California, USA:


The Committee did not agree to equate the Diploma in Electronics and Micro Computer obtained from National Technical School California, USA, to B.Tech. (Pass/Hons) degree from Pakistan.



Item No.20/25 Equivalence of Advanced Examination in Pattern Making from City and Guilds of London Institute, UK:


The Committee did not agree to equate Advanced Examination in Pattern Making from city and Guild of London Institute to B.Tech. degree from Pakistan.




Item No.11/7 Equivalence of Higher National Diploma in Electrical Electronics (Engg) from Manchester Poly-Technic (U.K) with B.Sc.(Engg) & B.Tech Degree from Pakistani Universities:


Resolved that Diploma in Electrical and Electronics (Engg) from Manchester Poly-Technic (U.K) be not considered equivalent to B.Sc.(Engg) Degree from Pakistani Universities, but the same be considered at par with B.Tech.




Item No.9/10 Equivalence of B.Tech. (Hons.) Degree with B.Sc. Engineering Degree:


Resolved that B.Tech. (Hons.) degree awarded by Polytechnic Institutions/Universities be considered at par with B.Sc. (Engg.) degree awarded by other Institutions/Universities in Pakistan.


Item No.3/9 Equivalence of B.Sc. (Leather Technology) with B.Tech Degree:


Equivalence of B.Sc. (Leather Technology) with degree awarded by

Calcutta University (India) with Pakistani B.Sc. Engg. /B.E./B.Sc. (Agric.)/B.Tech. etc.

Why we Demand the establishment of PTC or PCT ("Pakistan Technology Council" --OR-- "Pakistan Council of Technologists"):

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on January 19, 2011 at 1:11 PM Comments comments (2)


When the PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) had announced that it would not consider the four-year BTech degree equivalent to the BSc engineering then PSBTE (Pakistan Society of B-Tech Engineers) decided the government should make a separate council for Engineering technologists (B-Tech) and technicians (DAE), named “Pakistan Technology Council” or "Pakistan Council of Technologists".


Now the action Committe of PSBTE decided in his grand meating with all B.tech Organizations of Pak and Students that the GOVT of Pakistan should take a serious action on the bill of establishment of "PAKISTAN TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL" whose already putup in National Assambly.


Why we Demand the establishment of PTC (Pakistan Technology Council):


Because PTC is the only forum which will effectively project our true image, contribution in progress and prosperity of pakistan. This forum will eliminate all disparities like


  • Higher Education and Admision in Universities for MS Engineering.
  • Equal Empolyement and job Oppertunities as enjoyed by BE Students.
  • Encourage original research in Technical education, conservation and economic utilization of the resources of the country.
  • Scale and Scope should be define in Gazte of Pakistan like different department policies.
  • Funds Allocations, Curicula updates and Degree Equivalency
  • This forum will register all Technologist (B-Tech Engg) and Technician (DAE).
  • This forum will also provide co-ordination b/w provencial, international and national level technical education authorties, like SDC, NTB, TEVTA, NEVTEC, IET and colleges of technologies
  • This forum willeffectively encounter propaganda spread by PEC.
  • Help in the acquisition and exchange of technical knowledge
  • Promotion of all professional interest and social welfare of its members.
  • To disseminate information and knowledge among technologist, technician and engineers through lectures, conferences, seminars and publication of journal and papers.


Therefore we request to all B-Tech Engineers, DAE & B-Tech Students that now be a part of PSBTE (PAKISTAN SOCIETY OF B-TECH ENGINEERS) and unite for the establishment of "Pakistan Technology Council"


Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on January 18, 2011 at 10:21 AM Comments comments (8)

                                                             Date: 05 April, 2010




Mr.Paul Gardiner

IEA Secretariat,


[email protected]


Dr Winfred M. Phillips

Chair Washington Accord

[email protected]edu


Dr Alex Chan

Chair Sydney Accord

[email protected]


Mr Denis McGrath

Chair Dublin Accord

[email protected]


Mr Basil Wakelin

Chair Engineers Mobility Forum

[email protected]


Mr David Long

Chair Engineering Technologist Mobility Forum

[email protected]



Dr. Zaheeruddin Babar Awan

Minister for Law and Justice Pakistan

[email protected]


Mr. Muhammad Azam Khan Swati

Minister for Science and Technology Pakistan

[email protected]


Mr. Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali

Minister for Education Pakistan

[email protected]


Mr. Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi

Minister for Foreign Affairs Pakistan

[email protected]


Dr. Abdul Kadir Khanzada

Chairman of Standing Committee of Science & Technology

National Assembly of Pakistan

[email protected]


Ch. Abid Sher Ali

Chairman of Standing Committee of Education

National Assembly of Pakistan

[email protected]


Senator Nawabzada M. Akbar Magsi

Chairman Standing Committee of Science and Technology

Senate of Pakistan

[email protected]


Senator S. M. Zafar

Chairman Standing Committee of Education

Senate of Pakistan

[email protected]


Engr Senator Rukhsana Zuberi

Chairperson Pakistan Engineering Council

[email protected]






Dear Sir


We are pleased to visit your website www.washingtonaccord.org which is an international engineering alliance with a slogan “working together to advance benchmarking and mobility in the engineering profession”. As per your website, there are six international agreements governing mutual recognition of engineering qualifications and professional competence.


The Washington Accord – For Engineers

• The Sydney Accord – For Engineering Technologists

• The Dublin Accord – For Engineering Technicians

• APEC Engineer Agreement

• Engineers Mobility Forum Agreement

• Engineering Technologist Mobility Forum Agreement


The regulating body of the engineering qualifications and professions of the signatory nation is representing the related country in this alliance. For example; the Engineering Council UK (ECUK) www.ecuk.org is UK and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is USA etc. The said boards, councils or institutions of the related countries not only regulate and protects the rights of the Engineers but also the Engineering Technologists, Scientists and Engineering Technicians all over the world.


Unfortunately, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC – www.pec.org.pk ) has been working only for the Engineers i.e. B.Sc Engineering or B.E Graduates in Pakistan since its establishment i.e. 1976 to up till now. On the other hand, the PEC totally and intentionally ignored, in fact, degraded the Technology Graduates, Science Graduates and Diploma or Certificate or Apprenticeship Technicians. The PEC is not accrediting and registering the B.Tech graduates as Engineering Technologists, the B.S / B.Sc Graduates as Scientists and the


Diploma/Certificate/Apprenticeships as Engineering Technicians. Moreover the PEC also rejected the AMIE of the Institution of Engineers Pakistan (IEP). Therefore it would not be false that the PEC is not representing whole the engineering and technology community of the Pakistan but only the representative of the Engineers i.e. B.Sc Engg. Or B.E Graduates. There is not any representation of B.Tech Graduates in the PEC Board, Ministries and all other cabinets of public and private sectors. There is not any other professional body established by the Federal Govt. of Pakistan which could accredit and register the Engineering Technologist, Scientist and Engineering Technicians.

The Technology Team of any Country is comprised on the following Members:



• Engineer

• Engineering Technologist

• Engineering Technician

• Artisan


In Pakistan, the Technical, Vocational and Engineering Diploma or Certificate are awarded by the provincial Technical Boards whereas the degrees are awarded by the concerned public or private chartered Universities in Pakistan. The diploma and certificates are attested by the Inter Boards Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) whereas the degrees are attested by the Higher Education Commission (HEC – www.hec.gov.pk ) Pakistan and all these are counter attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Equivalencies are decided by the HEC and Concerned Boards.


The B.Tech degree was started by the Government of Pakistan in 1973 as demanded by the Diploma of Associate Engineers (DAE) Associations as per following: Two degrees were designed and implemented: 2-Years B.Tech Pass (1+1), 2-Years B.Tech Hons (1+1). Equivalency set by the Govt of Pakistan: B.Tech Pass was equivalent to 2-Year B.Sc, B.Tech Hons was equivalent to 4-Year B.Sc Engineering. Now the B.Tech degree is being offered by almost 16 chartered public and private sector universities at their main campuses, sub campuses and affiliated colleges all over the Pakistan. Thousands of B.Tech Graduates are passing out each year from these Universities. The Higher Education Commission – HEC has revised the curriculum of the B.Tech degree with the coordination of the Pakistan Engineering Council – PEC and chartered Universities. The New B.Tech Hons degree program comprises of 3+1 = 4 years. Unfortunately, the HEC and PEC are failed to make implementation fully on it up till now.





• The PEC did not open registeration for the B.Tech graduates since its establishment and did not accept as equivalent as B.Sc Engineering graduates up till now.


• The chartered Universities did not make accredit their B.Tech degree programs from the PEC ever in any form.


• The HEC (formerly UGC) had equated very clearly the B.Tech Pass as ordinary B.Sc and B.Tech Hons as B.Sc Engineering but now on the influence of the PEC, the equivalency decisions are distorted and made complex (please visit www.hec.gov.pk ).


• Due to the above, restrictions have been imposed on B.Tech Graduates by the HEC, PEC, Government and Private Departments and Universities in Pakistan for job purposes as well as further higher studies purposes.


• The HEC/PEC do not accept the B.Tech Hons degree as 16-years qualifications, therefore, do not offer local or foreign scholarships for M-Phil or Phd in Engineering to B.Tech Hons graduates.


• The B.Tech Graduates are not invited to apply for the BPS-17 or B.Sc or B.E Engineer level job by the Public and Private Sector due to the PEC restrictions.


• The B.Tech Graduates are not invited to apply for admission in the M.Sc Engineering program due to the PEC restrictions.


• In result, the B.Tech Graduates are being highly discouraged and degraded almost every where in Pakistan intentionally.

During the Musharraf Govt. the PEC Act was amended in 2003 and directed the PEC to register the B.Tech graduates as Technologist and DAE as Technician. It was the good step but still the PEC and Govt. degraded the B.Tech graduates by placing them between Engineer and Technician. Now the Current Govt. have amended the PEC Act recently and removed the Technologist and Technician Categories. The said bill was passed by the running National Assembly and forwarded for approval from the Senate.


Following B.Tech Groups are struggling through face to face meetings with concerned politicians, Officers, Ministers etc., protest, writing letters and articles in the daily newspapers (http://jang.com.pk/thenews/oct2008-weekly/education-11-10-2008/index.html) and press conferences, voluntarily in Pakistan to protect the rights of the B.Tech graduates in Pakistan. They even contacted to the provincial High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan for their rights. The said offices and courts have also given their decisions in favour of B.Tech degree for their due rights but the most public and private sectors under umbrella of the PEC do not giving the due rights to the B.Tech Graduates of Pakistan.


  •  Pakistan B.Tech Graduates Society – PBGS (regd) Gujranwala
  •  Pakistan B.Tech Engineers Council – PBEC (regd.) Lahore
  •  Pakistan Society of B-Tech Engineers (PSBTE)
  •  Pakistan B.Tech Engineers Community – PBEC Lahore
  •  Pakistan Council of Technology – PCT Islamabad
  •  B.Tech Engineers Association – BTEA Peshawar
  •  Many other individuals and small groups.

The said private groups approached the concerned Senators for their due rights. In result, the PEC bill has been forwarded back to National Assembly with their reservations. Now it is up to the sitting MNAs, Ministries, PEC, HEC and the Govt. of Pakistan that how can they provide relief and give due respect and rights to the B.Tech Graduates (Engineering Technologists), B.S Graduates (Scientists), and Diploma or Certificate Graduates (Engineering Technicians) in Pakistan by reviewing the PEC Bill.


We demand from the Govt. of Pakistan, HEC and PEC that please stream line or standardize the accreditation and registration procedure for Engineers, Engineering Technologists, Scientists and Technicians as soon as possible. Also remove any type of confusions and complexities in the equivalency decisions of the related degrees, diplomas and certificates.


It is further demanded that the B.Tech Graduates of all the chartered public and private sector universities of Pakistan must be accredited and registered with the PEC as Engineering Technologist and be declared clearly equivalent to the Engineers, by resolving any kind of disputes (if any) as defined in the www.washingtonaccord.org or a new separate council named as “Pakistan Council of Engineering Technologist” must be established at federal level.


Finally, it is requested that kindly consider all above mentioned matter while going into any phase of signing any kind of accord with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).


Thank you very much and looking forward for your favourable response please.


With best regards


Nouman Abid Chuhan

DAE HND (UK) B.Tech Hons MIET (UK)

[email protected]

Comparison of Curriculum of B.Tech (Hons) Degree With B.E (CIVIL) For Professional Engg work

Posted by Engr Waseem Raja on January 17, 2011 at 7:04 AM Comments comments (16)


Dated 1-1-2011




1). The Minister,

Ministry of Science & Technology,



2). The Minister,

Ministry of Education.



3). The Chairman,

Higher Education Commission,




4). The Chairman,

Pakistan Engineering Council,



Subject: Comparison of Curriculum of B.Tech (Hons) Degree With B.E(CIVIL) For Professional Engg work.


Dear Sir,


Certain people are creating misconception that B.Tech(Hons) degree is not equivalent to B.E(degree) due to difference in curriculum, being practical oriented while B.E is theory oriented whereas, the courses of both the degrees are same, given below.


B.E(CIVIL)(4 YEARS):                   B.Tech(HONS)CIVIL(4 Years)



01.Civil Engg Drawing                                     01. Civil Engg Drawing

02. Surveying                                                     02. Surveying

03. Engg.mechanics                                        03. Applied mechanics

04. Computer programming                           04. Computer applications

05. Engg.materials                                           05. Material & method of const

06. Building construction & Drawing             06. Concrete technology

07. Mathematics                                                07. Applied mathematics

08. Theory of structure                                      08. Theory of structure

09. Fluid mechanics                                         09. Fluid mechanics

10. Soil mechanics                                           10. Soil mechanics

11. Hydrology                                                      11. Hydrology

12. Engineering Geology                                  12. Engineering Geology

13. Strength of Materials                                    13. Mechanics of materials

14.Quantity surveying and estimation        14. Quantity surveying & contract document

15. R.C.C                                                           15. R.C.C structures

16. Steel structures                                         16. Steel structures

17. Civil Engg.practice                                     17. Project management

18. Islam & Ethics                                        18. Islamic studies & pak studies

19. Irrigation Engg                                        19. Irrigation & hydraulics structr

20. Structural Engg                                       20. Structural Engg

21. Highway,Runway & Railway        21. Highway and Transportation Engg

22. Hydraulic Engg                               22. Environmental management*

23. Pavement & Foundations             23. Pavement & foundations

24. Public Health Engg               24. Water supply & waste management*

25. Design of structures             25. Computer aided modeling & design

26. Communication skills          26. Communication skills

27. Building Construction & Drawing       27. Earthquake engg*

28. Mechanical Technology                  28. Material testing*

29. Basic Electrical Engg                      29. Repair & Maintenance*

30. Project                                                30. Project

                                                                   31. Internship (32) weeks*

                                                                   32. Engg.economics*



As regards the professional engg work ( PEC act 1976 amended 2010,XXV), means the giving of professional advice and opinions the making of measurements and layouts, preparation of reports, computations, design, drawings, plans and specifications and the construction inspection and supervision of engineering works(railway, bridges, tunnel, metalled roads, dams , canals, harbours, light houses, works of electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, communications, aeronautical, power engg------------------- etc.


According to the prescribed curricula both B.Tech(HONS) graduates and B.E graduates have been professionally trained for the execution and supervision of above mentioned professional engineering works.


The core issue is registering of B.Tech (HONS) graduates which should be resolved either by recognition as B.Tech Engineers likewise B.E Engineers or proposing them as professional Technologists according to India,UK and USA and should be registered with newly created PAKISTAN TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL under the control of Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt; of Pakistan, Islamabad.


The Pakistan Engineering Council have failed to register B.Tech Graduates due to enmity and professional jealousy since 1973 while the same degree is awarded as Engineering Technologists in 13 foreign countries like INDIA, USA ,UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA etc, being registered in their councils as B.Tech engineers having the same status as B.E/B.Sc (Engg), who have signed the SYDNEY ACCORD likewise WASHINGTON ACCORD.


Kindly, consider the factual position and resolve the grievances of B.Tech degree holders as early as possible.


Yours faithfully,


M. Yaqoob Raza

What is the difference between Engineering and Engineering technology?

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Graduates of engineering (Bsc Engrs) programs apply scientific concepts to develop solutions to real world problems. Their job is more theoretical, involving the design of new products such as a robot that will be used in an auto manufacturing plant. Engineers require more theoretical, scientific and mathematical knowledge.


Engineering Technology:


At the same time, some colleges and universities offer 3 year (DAE)- and 4- year (B-Tech) engineering technology programs that prepare students for practical design and production work. Graduates of 4-year engineering technology programs may get jobs similar to those obtained by graduates with a bachelor's degree in engineering. Technicians install and maintain products, providing a wide range of services: implementation of the design, testing, calibration and supervision of its operation.

FPSC Educational Terrorisim is also started against B.Tech Engineers like PEC

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FPSC Educational Terrorisim is also started like PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) Federal Public Service Commision is also with draw the equivalency of B-Tech Honors on 31-12-2010 and hows this possible that thousands of B-Tech graduates are still silent at PEC and FPSC educational terrorisim. What a 3rd Class educational Policy of Pakistan GOVT, FPSC, PEC, UGC, MOE & MOST. If they dont save the future of all B.Tech Engineers thn plz leave them yr seats.


Now tell me where is B-Tech Equivalency in link below.





(Chairman PSBTE)