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26 october, the "black day" of engineering technology

On the great demand of Diploma Engineers, introduced B- Tech (Pass/Honors) vide its Letter No 15-29/73-Tech dated "26 -10-1973" {THE BLACK DAY OF TECHNOLOGISTS} for their higher education and the course was started in Govt. Colleges Of Technology Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan and these colleges were affiliated to their respective Universities and also with private universities. But the problem is that after 28 years, all Engineering Technologists (DAE, B.Tech, M.Tech) are still waiting for regiateration, PEC,HEC and FPSC are again n again degrade the B.Tech and M.Tech Engg and also withdraw their affilitations. 

According to the third class behaviour of all GOVT Educational departments, it is totally proved that they have no interest for the promotion of Technology in the field of Engineering so the all B.Tech Engineers of Pakistan are decided to boycott the all academic activities on "26 Oct" as a Black Day of Engineering Technology for B.Tech Engineers of Pakistan.

BTAC - B.Tech Action Committe Said that the PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) is the one an only Engineering Department in All over the World whose degrading the field of Education instead of promoting.

Now all B.Tech Graduates Organization, GCT, UGC and UET's has committed to Boycott The day of 26 Oct as a Black Day of Engineering Technology and These all are on strike at that day with a black ribbon compang. They totaly bycott the all educational activities in all institutions of Engineering technologies on this day and strongly standing agaist the PEC, HEC and FPSC for their rights and i hope this procedure will continue till establishment of PTC (Pakistan Technology Council).

1- According to the decision of Pakistan Govt. all Universities of Engineering and Technologies not only kept the standard of these courses up to that of B.Sc Engineering But also announced this Degree to be equivalent to B.Sc Engineering vide Letter No 3688 dated 15-10-1980.

2-All four Provincial Education Ministries approved that it is equivalent to B.Sc Engineering and issued a Notification vide Letter No l-12/ 77(P-lI) dated
12-11-1980 by Punjab Education Ministry.

3-Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) approved this Degree to be equivalent to B.Sc Engineering vide Letter No PEC/8/Diploma dated 30-04-1981.

4-According to the Higher Education Commission (HEC), B-Tech (Hons) is an equivalent degree to B.Sc Engineering. Letters No.8-39 Acad/81-737 dated 17-12-1981, 8-39/Acad/81- 361. dated 10-02-1990, 8-36/UGC-AAC/2001/65 dated 01-05-2001, 8-39/ Acad/81-41 dated 04-01-2002,.

5-Pakistan National Assembly also approved it equivalent to B.Sc Engineering vide Letter No 80/8S-Q dated 23-10-1985.

But for unknown reasons Pakistan Engineering Council (P.E.C) refused to register the B-Tech (Honors) Graduates . Due to which these Graduates are being deprived of the fruits of Engineering.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has also announced its decision in favour of the B-Tech (Hons) (Review Petition No. 52 of 1993). Lahore High Court has also announced its decision in favour of the B-Tech (Hons) ( Review Petition No 7626/ 99 ).

But despite of all the decisions and notifications issued by various competent organizations/Authorities . The graduates are in a hopeless situation as their degree is nothing but except piece of paper,because Registration to Pakistan Engineering Council is a must for every department along with the Engineering Degree, despite the fact that according to the Office Order No F,4-80/2002-R dated 10-12-2002 of Federal Public Service Commission, Registration to the P.E.C. is not necessary but only an equivalence to the Higher Education Commission is a must. 

Keeping in view all these facts mentioned above , it is a result of the obstinacy of P.E.C. the decision of honorable departments of Govt. of Pakistan are being ruined, And more than fifty thousands graduates, who Invested ' their Valuable capital and time to acquire this degree, are psychologically upset and many of them have died without getting the reward of their higher education.

It is therefore humbly requested to GOVT kindly raise the voice of thousands of B-Tech (H) graduates & thousands of those who are still doing this course in Govt and private universities and save their light future .