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our mission (PTC)

When the PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) had announced that it would not consider the four-year B.Tech degree equivalent to the BSc engineering then PSBTE (Pakistan Society of B-Tech Engineers) decided the government should make a separate council for Engineering technologists (DAE, B-Tech, BS-Tech, M-Tech) and Technicians, named “Pakistan Technologists Council (PTC)".

Now the action Committe of PSBTE decided in his grand meating with all Engineering Technologists Associations of Pakistan and Students that the GOVT of Pakistan should take a serious action on the bill of establishment of "PAKISTAN TECHNOLOGISTS COUNCIL" whose already pending in "Ministery of Science and Technology" due to third-class objections of PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council).

pakistan technologists council (PTC)

Why we Demand the establishment of PTC (Pakistan Technologists Council):

Because PTC is the only forum which will effectively project our true image, contribution in progress and prosperity of pakistan. This forum will eliminate all disparities like

1) Higher Education and Admision in Universities for MS Engineering

2) Equal Empolyement and job Oppertunities as enjoyed by BE Students.

3) Encourage original research in Technical education, conservation and economic utilization of the resources of the country.

4) Scale and Scope should be define in Gazte of Pakistan like different department policies

5) Funds Allocations, Curicula updates and Degree Equivalency

6) This forum will register all Technologist (DAE, B-Tech, BS-Tech, M.Tech Engg) and Technician.

7) This forum will also provide co-ordination between provencial, international and national level technical education authorties, like SDC, NTB, TEVTA, NEVTEC, IET and colleges of technologies

8) This forum will effectively encounter propaganda spread by PEC.

9) Help in the acquisition and exchange of technical knowledge.

10) Promotion of all professional interest and social welfare of its members.

11) To disseminate information and knowledge among technologist, technician and engineers through lectures, conferences, seminars and publication of journal and papers.

Therefore we request to all Engineering Technologists (DAE, B-Tech, BS-Tech, M-Tech) 
Students that now be a part of PSBTE (PAKISTAN SOCIETY OF B-TECH ENGINEERS) and unite for the establishment of "Pakistan Technologists Council"