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problems of b.tech engineers in pakistan

The PEC did not open registeration for the B.Tech graduates since its establishment and did not accept as equivalent as B.Sc Engineering graduates up till now.

• The chartered Universities did not make accredit their B.Tech degree programs from the PEC ever in any form.

• The HEC (formerly UGC) had equated very clearly the B.Tech Pass as ordinary B.Sc and B.Tech Hons as B.Sc Engineering but now on the influence of the PEC, the equivalency decisions are distorted and made complex (please visit
www.hec.gov.pk ).

• Due to the above, restrictions have been imposed on B.Tech Graduates by the HEC, PEC, Government and Private Departments and Universities in Pakistan for job purposes as well as further higher studies purposes.

• The HEC/PEC do not accept the B.Tech Hons degree as 16-years qualifications, therefore, do not offer local or foreign scholarships for M-Phil or Phd in Engineering to B.Tech Hons graduates.

• The B.Tech Graduates are not invited to apply for the BPS-17 or B.Sc or B.E Engineer level job by the Public and Private Sector due to the PEC restrictions.

• The B.Tech Graduates are not invited to apply for admission in the M.Sc Engineering program due to the PEC restrictions.

• In result, the B.Tech Graduates are being highly discouraged and degraded almost every where in Pakistan intentionally.

Now PSBTE have the following suggestions for the Govt & we hope that our suggestions will be brought to the notice of the concerned bodies before the youth of Pakistan refused to acquire the Technical education.

1.According to the remarks of Supreme Court " Is Engineering Council superior to the Govt. of Pakistan".

Engineering Council should be directed to consider B-Tech (Hons) equivalent to B.Sc Engineering as per notifications and approvals of all the referred departments, and Register the B-Tech (Hons) Graduates as Professional Engineers. And any obstacle in this case may kindly be removed.

2. B-Tech. (Hons) Graduates should be given opportunities to Higher Education, i.e. M.Sc Engineering Or M.S. from Govt./private Universities .

3.The name of Pakistan Engineering Council should kindly be changed to Pakistan Council of Engineering and Technologists or provide a totally separate platform to all Engineering Technologists (B.Tech Hons, M.Tech) and Engineering Technicians (DAE).

4. It is also requested to please take action against the Pakistan Engineering Council who have loss the revenue of billion of rupees of Pakistan in lieu of Registration and annual fee.

If the above could not be possible for the Govt. of Pakistan then PTC - Pakistan Technologists Council may kindly be established to secure the future of thousands of B.Tech Engineers and B.Tech students who are still studying the course from Govt. as well as Private Universities . If the council is established Millions of millions Rupees revenue will be received from the students in the shape of Annual Registration fee.